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In 2022, our dad Sean used a backyard pellet smoker to make himself some homemade jerky. Opening the smoker, we could tell he wasn’t happy with how it turned out, but we didn’t know why. The smells alone had my big brother Jax and I drooling all over the patio! After seeing our reaction, he made a special batch just for us; a protein packed treat made with the same Nebraska beef he cooks for himself.  Our love for the jerky drove our dad to make more, refining the technique each time until it was perfect for us. Our four legged friends and their hoomans loved the jerky so much, our dad slow smoked other delicious and all natural treats for us to enjoy!


Finding the perfect treat these days is tough because most of them are filled with preservatives, byproducts and other big words pups like us can’t pronounce. For this reason, we knew we had to share our favorite beef and pork snacks with you! And your hoomans can feel good about it too because our hooman still puts the same care into each batch he slow smokes and packages himself.


We hope it brings you the same tail wags and drool puddles that it did for my big brother Jax and I! 

Your Friend,


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500 Terry Francine Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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